Evan Power Gains Momentum as Endorsements Continue to Roll In

Jordan Kirkland ()                  The Florida Report ()          November 7th, 2019

In a little more than two months, Leon County Republican Chair Evan Power will find out if he will become the Republican Party's next National Committeeman. And if his numerous endorsements are an early indicator of things to come, Power will have no trouble being elected in January.

Power announced his bid back in September, and already the leader of Leon County's GOP has received an influx of endorsements from high-ranking members across Florida's political landscape.

Some of those notable endorsements include U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz, State Reps. Anthony Sabatini, Chris Latvala, and Nick DiCeglie, county chairs Hunter Peeler, Jeff Hinkle, Jeff Porter, Todd Jennings, and many more.

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