Hillsborough GOP Looking to Play a Pivotal Roll in 2020

@TheFlaReport  @JKirklandFL                 August 19th, 2019

Hillsborough County Republican Party Chairman, retired Colonel Jim Waurishuk treats and equates politics as warfare, short of a shooting war. He approaches campaign politics using military euphemisms such as “preparation of the battlefield,” “force multipliers,” “PSYOP,” and “information operations” to implement and conduct critically essential tasks for the election cycle, which includes Voter Registration, Precinct Development Getting the Vote Out or GOTV, Developing, Implementing and Executing Targeted Messaging, Opposition Research, as well as supporting local and state candidates and of course the President.

For Hillsborough the challenges that the Party and Republicans face in a heavily Democrat county are monumental, but not impossible. But strategy and planning have been at play since January 2017 when the Colonel, then the newly elected County State Committeeman was called by one of Trump’s senior strategist to address what needed for 2020.

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