Hillsborough Looks to Flip Heavy Democrat County to Trump

Jordan Kirkland ()                  The Florida Report ()          November 12th, 2019

President Donald Trump’s biggest supporter and stalwart in Hillsborough County, Republican Party Chairman Jim Waurishuk, a retired Colonel, known as a resolute airman, diplomat, warrior, and spy. He brings a quiver of military tactics and strategy to the political battlefield – from tactics, techniques and procedures, to strategic influence and communications and PSYOP, to politics.

Referred to by many as the ‘Colonel,’ certainly due to their respect, but also because of his aggressive and staunch leadership style to move the county Republican Party back to its conservative roots, to ground itself in the Republican Party platform, and to support and defend the principles of the Constitution. He is dead-set against the Establishment malaise that has taken root within many local Republicans in Hillsborough. Many on record, have openly gravitated and switched their support, even going as far as campaigning for local Democrats. Many former Republican donors, whether ideologically, or out of fear of the Democrats have acquiesced and gleefully handed their money to the local Progressive Socialists party and its candidates.

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