Q&A: Gavin Rollins Discusses His Campaign for Florida's 3rd Congressional District

January 13th, 2020

2020 may be one of the most fascinating election years in recent memory. President Donald Trump is seeking reelection, the GOP is looking to take back the House, and Florida lawmakers are hoping to increase their domination in both chambers.

While the biggest election involves the White House, Republicans across the U.S. are fighting for conservatism in an era where socialism and progressive dogma plague every facet of modern society. One of those conservative leaders is Gavin Rollins.

Rollins is not your typical Republican running for a high-stakes congressional seat. Unlike most who benefit from nepotism and a career inside the political arena, Rollins' journey is a refreshing tale of hard work and authenticity.

Rollins has lived a life of service — first to his country, then to his community. He now wants to take that dedication to the next level, and serve Florida's 3rd Congressional District.

Before Rollins officially hits the campaign trail, he sat down with The Florida Report to discuss his career, conservatism, and why he's running for FL-3.  Here's what he had to say:

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