Rick Scott: 'Ilhan Omar's Actions Are a Clear Example of Anti-Semitism. It's Disgusting'

                     July 18th, 2019

If you didn't hear him the first time, Sen. Rick Scott made it crystal clear Wednesday: Rep. Ilhan Omar's actions are anti-Semitic.

In a tweet, Florida's former governor doubled-down on his original comments from Monday, saying that the actions displayed by far-left U.S. congresswoman from Minnesota are anti-Semitic.

The follow-up tweet comes just days after Scott called the Democrats the "anti-Semitic party" when discussing the controversial tweet President Donald Trump put out, telling the progressive congresswomen
to "go back" to their countries.

“It was not racist,” Scott said of Trump's tweet. “It was clearly not the way I would do it but let’s remember the position that these Democrats have taken. They’ve become the anti-Semitic party now and so that’s wrong. Our country is not anti-Semitic. They are attacking law enforcement, our border agents and ICE. That’s wrong. These people are doing their job.”

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