Seminole Mayor Touts Successful Conservative Policies Ahead of Next Week's Election

Jordan Kirkland ()                  The Florida Report ()          October 31th, 2019

While the upcoming 2020 elections in Florida garner much attention, one mayoral race in 2019 could have lasting implications for a city that has benefited from one of the most conservative mayors in the state.

Republican Leslie Waters, who has served as mayor of Seminole since 2013, is running for re-election this November and is looking to continue to implement fiscally conservative policies that have put the city of Seminole on the map.

While Waters' leadership has been an integral part of the city's recent prosperity, the former Florida legislator is facing an opponent who could halt the progress Seminole has made over the last five years.

On top of that, Waters was responsible for spearheading city-wide projects that have benefited the citizens of Seminole. She started various city-wide initiatives such as organizing canned food drives to benefit the homeless and low-income citizens, socks for the military and helping under-served families obtain important everyday supplies. 

At her suggestion, and Council vote, the City five years ago began a red-white-blue initiative, that has resulted in flag banners being placed across town, Flag pins for employees, Seminole being designated as a Purple Heart City, and the Annual Field of Honor displayed in front of City Hall every November since 2015, consisting this year of 400 flags sponsored for a veteran.

Her biggest source of pride, however, is that during her 10 years on Seminole Council taxes have not been raised and that the city of Seminole becoming debt-free, with the final $1 million being paid off at the end of September.


“I do not know of another government entity that is debt-free, while still maintaining important infrastructure projects, robust programs at the Library and Recreation Center, and providing services of our professional fire-rescue crew," Water told The Florida Report.


“My Re-election Campaign is about grassroots campaigning, and a history of positive leadership, where real results matter," she said.

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